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Skip the hassles of going to the emergency room or trying to find a Dentist who is open and available. Find a OnCall Dentist who is Ready to see you using our Live Locations. We are changing the way Dentists respond to Dental Emergencies.

OnCall Dental Trains and Certifies our Dentists to ensure you receive the Highest quality of care! Our Panel of Experts offer our dentist hands on training and weekly seminars, Emphasizing:

Emergency care, Convenient care, Root Canals, Extractions, Chipped teeth, Knocked Out Teeth.

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Love your dentist? Tell us who they are and we will invite them to join OnCall Dental.

We will make them experts in emergency and convenient dental care.

We are changing the way dentist respond to dental emergencies.

Live Locations Coming soon to your city? Don’t worry, we are so committed to emergency dental care we will personally find you a dentist in your city and will give them the necessary support. Going to the hospital emergency room for your dental issues does not solve your dental problems, but we do!

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