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Our Story

People are not going to a dentist, regularly. It is not because people don’t care about their oral health, they just simply don’t have the time. Dentistry was not designed to be convenient.

We train our dentists to treat what matters to patients, when patients need it most. Conveniently and Caringly.

How it Works

  • It is not so much that we are inventing dentistry, but we are bringing dentistry into the modern age. Our ONCall live concept resonates, we have found that most people wish their dentists would offer some sort of online services. Problems with your teeth don’t respect nights, weekend or holidays, so why should you?

  • We believe in creating better dentistry, designed with the sharing economy in mind. We are striving to overcome the biases that keep people from going to their dentist and meet their existing unsatisfied needs. We believe in the connections beyond the services and will build the reputation review system to prove it.

  • Sending dental patients to urgent care facilities and emergency rooms because you don’t have someone to cover your call or you can’t come into the office, is now unnecessary. To these centers, it is a huge burden on the healthcare system. This creates a massive opportunity for you to join us. We cover your call, and we grow your practice. Imagine the possibilities. Don’t be left behind.

Since when was basic dentistry a


...even surgeons wished they could afford?

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