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OnCall Dental trains you in all areas of Emergency Dental Care. This includes: Dental Triage, Pharmacology, Anesthesia, Endodontics, Extractions, Bone Grafting, Dental Implants, Dental Trauma, Avulsions and Splinting techniques.

OnCall Dental is here to introduce you to emergency dental care and will build your practice We will teach you how to implement key office protocols and techniques that we have refined over the last 3 years. Once certified, we will give you a state of the art SEO based Website attracting a ton of new patients. Our SEO methods, clinical procedures and protocols can complement any existing office or can be used to build a stand- alone practices - OnCall Dental is built by dentists, for the dentists!

Practice building begins by understanding the shift in the mindset of our dental patients. Immediate need wins over comprehensive treatment plans. We teach you how deliver quick emergency dental triage services to win over the trust and confidence of these dental patients. You may be surprised to find out who these patients are and how well we attract, treat, and retain them. We call them the 38%.. …

Right now in Dentistry, Changing the way we do dentistry is everything! We find ourselves in a very scary competitive race. We acquire expensive technology and high prices gadgets only to find out this doesn’t attract very many new patients. We are inviting you, to discover a new way to grow your practice. Our training mean everything to your success. Our live locations average over 100 new patients a month. Join us today, and get trained for a very low cost and enjoy the potential for very high gains.

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